Start with a great foundation.

Kindergarten at BASIS Texas Charter Schools is designed to enhance a child’s natural instincts to question, discover, and participate in the world around them. The Lead Kindergarten Teacher, together with the Kinder Teaching Fellow, facilitates opportunities for children to interact with goal-oriented academic, physical, and social activities throughout the day.

In the core portion of the kindergarten program, students develop their literacy and math skills, enjoy PE, and connect what they know about their environment to new ideas in civics, science, and history. Students in full-day kindergarten benefit from an enrichment curriculum of fine arts (music, drama, and visual art), engineering, and Mandarin language and culture. We’ve learned that children—including the little ones—thrive when offered a challenge, and our kinder curriculum asks students to do bigger, more exciting things than many would think possible. It’s important to note, however, that while we don’t sacrifice meaningful content, we are honest with ourselves about the people we’re dealing with: five and six-year-olds. We want them to be engaged and excited about learning!

Kindergarten at BASIS Texas Charter Schools lays a critical foundation for academic success in years to come. This success is based not only on comprehension of concepts, but also on the adoption of good habits in a culture that values learning. We invite all prospective parents to schedule a tour, attend an information session, or contact any of our school administrators for more information about our program!