BASIS Charter School students achieve Advanced Placement success.

BASIS Charter Schools are dedicated to raising the standards of student learning to the highest international levels. We set high expectations for students and our robust academic program allows them to advance to AP-level courses across all disciplines.

Due to the challenging nature of the BASIS Charter School Curriculum, we use The College Board’s AP Exams® to measure students’ mastery of complex material. Students are prepared to take AP Exams as early as grade 8, are required to take AP courses beginning in grade 9, and will complete at least six AP courses prior to graduation. The externally generated and graded AP Exams also count as final exams for AP courses.

2020 Advanced Placement Exam Performance

Most American schools allow only top-performing students to take AP courses and AP Exams beginning in grades 10 or 11, but BASIS Charter Schools require ALL students to participate in AP courses and testing beginning in grade 9 (and students can elect to take AP Exams even before entering high school). Despite being younger and in lower grade levels, BASIS Charter School students perform exceedingly well on AP Exams when compared to their peers across the country and around the globe.

2020 AP Exams
Average Score and Pass Rate

AP Exam Performance

2020 AP Exams
Percentage of BASIS Charter School test takers earning a 3 or higher
AP Results by Group (barcharts)

2020 AP Exams
Pass Rate by Subject and Exam
AP Results by Group

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